How did Edwin Drake create the World’s first oil well?

Edwin Drake and his oil well

This article explores the creation of the world’s first oil well. Even though there was no one “first discover” of oil. Oil was known in antiquity when it was used to heal wounds. But by the middle of the 19th century methods for collecting oil from the ground had not changed for thousands of years. Edwin Drake’s oil fundamentally changed this process and dramatically increased oil production around the world. Instead of harvesting oil in a pail or sopping it up with rags and wrung out by hand over barrels, oil wells produced thousands of barrels of oil. The creation of the oil well fundamentally altered the course of the 20th century. Read more at¬†


Hodges’ Scout: Interview with Len Travers

Hodges scout
Here is’s recent interview with Len Travers about his book¬†Hodges’ Scout: A Lost Patrol of the French and Indian War published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Travers’ book examines a group of colonial scouts who were ambushed on a patrol in upstate New York by French and Native American soldiers during the French and Indian War. Travers uses this massacre to explore the lives of the colonists who fought, died and even survived this massacre. Read more at

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