Women’s History

Sarah Seelye – Union Soldier

From: Whereas: Stories from the People’s House: Sarah Seelye lived a seemingly ordinary life in Fort Scott, Kansas, in 1882. She and her husband were well-respected members of the community where they raised their family. But as her health started… Read More ›

Death on the Kansas Prairie

From Nursing Clio’s true crime series Killing Clio by Michelle M. Martin With the close of the American Civil War, western states like Kansas teemed with travelers and refugees seeking opportunity and solace as shattered families worked to rebuild their… Read More ›

Third Wave Feminism

Previous DailyHistory articles have discussed the First and Second Wave Feminist Movements. Like Second Wave feminism, Third Wave feminism emerged from some of the failures and conversations left behind from the wave before. While there were many successes of the first two waves, including… Read More ›

Margaret Sanger in Japan

From Stanford University Press Blog by Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci author Contraceptive Democracy: Reproduction Politics and Imperial Ambitions in the United States and Japan: Margaret Sanger’s first visit to Japan in 1922 stirred public hype in Japan. Comparing it to the “black… Read More ›