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When Congress balked over free government cars for the Speaker of the House

From The Historian of House Blog: The first telegraphic message ever sent traveled from the U.S. Capitol building to a Baltimore train station on May 24, 1844. A year earlier Congress had given the telegraph’s inventor, Samuel Morse, $30,000 to fund… Read More ›

Who were the Know Nothings?

From Dailyhistory.org: The second American political party system is generally considered to have begun with Andrew Jackson’s election to the presidency in 1828 and ended in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was elected to the highest office in the land. The… Read More ›

New Nixon and Youth Politics, 1968

By Seth Blumenthal from processhistory.org Running for president in 1968, Richard Nixon offered a flattering view of the nation’s youth, those Americans born during or after World War II. “They are more socially conscious, more politically aware, and much better educated… Read More ›