History of Culture

Andrew Jackson’s Love Letters

  From Nursing Clio by Melissa J. Gismondi: In our era of political “bromances” between leaders who value aggression and belittle sensitivity, it’s easy to forget that expectations as to how men should interact with other men are always changing…. Read More ›

American Nostalgia on a Bun

From The Atlantic by Suzy Swartz: In her book Why You Eat What You Eat, the neuroscientist Rachel Herz explains the science behind Americans’ food choices. Comfort foods, she says, are “usually foods that we ate as children because, when it comes to… Read More ›

Why did museums develop?

Today we think of museums as areas that display the past, our culture, or natural history of our world. This certainly has developed to be the modern norm; however, when museums first developed they were for the private display of… Read More ›