Historically Accurate

Robinson Crusoe – Historical person?

There are some literary characters that become part of the culture and have entered the popular imagination. A select few fictional personages have achieved great fame and even mythic status. One of these is Robinson Crusoe, the hero of an… Read More ›

How much of Moby Dick was real?

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851) is not only one of the best known but most important works of fiction in United States history. While Melville’s book is undoubtedly fiction, he drew widely from his experiences as a whaler and some incredible stories… Read More ›

Gladiator’s Historical Accuracy

Gladiator was a film released in 2000 starring Russell Crowe that focused on General Maximus Decimus Meridius, who was enslaved after escaping his execution for not supporting the new Roman emperor Commodus (starring Joaquin Phoenix). Maximus rises as a well-skilled gladiator,… Read More ›

The History of the Movie Peterloo

The movie Peterloo tells the story of a mass demonstration in Manchester in 1819, where British forces ultimately broke up the protest that was calling for increased democratic representation. The government forces killed many of the protesters, leading to the event to… Read More ›