American Civil War

Sarah Seelye – Union Soldier

From: Whereas: Stories from the People’s House: Sarah Seelye lived a seemingly ordinary life in Fort Scott, Kansas, in 1882. She and her husband were well-respected members of the community where they raised their family. But as her health started… Read More ›

10 Facts about Vicksburg

From American Battlefield Trust: Fact #1: Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis both saw Vicksburg as “the key” to the Confederacy. By the summer of 1863, Union advances from the Memphis in the North and New Orleans in the South had… Read More ›

Fearless Farragut

From by Lawrence Lee Hewitt: Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, and David Glasgow Farragut followed a remarkably similar path to Civil War glory. All three were little more than fringe players in the Union military in the early… Read More ›