Why did they settle on Jamestown Island?

Landing at Jamestown

By Hank Mosely from the Historyisfun.org Blog:

After a voyage of almost five months, the English colonists arrived at Jamestown Island on May 13, 1607. The following day, they began landing their supplies and building what became the first permanent English colony in America. The English colonists arriving in Virginia in 1607 were operating under guidance provided by the governing council in England in the form of “Instructions given by way of advice,” which laid out certain steps they were to take upon arriving in Virginia and criteria they were to use when choosing the site for their colony.

The Virginia Company of London was a joint stock company. It was one of many formed in England around 1600. Funding for the company was provided by adventurers – shareholders of varying financial capacity who expected a return on their investment. The adventurers supported the establishment of a commercially viable colony in America. The Company was managed in England by a council which was appointed by King James I. A local council in Virginia was to make decisions for the day to day operations of the colony.

The royal charter of April 10, 1606, gave the London Company rights to establish a colony in North America between Cape Fear in what is today North Carolina and Long Island in what is today New York. The charter provided liberal rights to the company while providing the crown a percentage of any gold and copper discovered in the new colony.

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