What was Mar-a-Lago before Trump?

Marine One Taking off from Mar-a-Lago.

From The Actual History Behind the Mar A Lago Property from History Collection

In the early 20th century wealthy Northerners who wintered in Florida began building their own estates in towns like Miami. Ft, Lauderdale, and of course, Palm Beach. They needed their own estates because hotels lacked the room to accommodate the large staffs of servants necessary to get them through the winter. Besides, private estates allowed more discreet partying during the Prohibition Era.

Al Capone chose Miami Beach as the site of his Florida estate. In Palm Beach, Joseph P. Kennedy selected a home on North Ocean Boulevard, which eventually expanded into the Kenney Compound. It’s still known as that today, though the family sold it in the 1990s. The estates grew larger and more lavish as the wealthy competed with each other to create the most impressive residence, especially in the small and exclusive community of Palm Beach….Yet all of their estates, as well as others built by those of fabulous wealth, were dwarfed by that built by Marjorie Merriweather Post.

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