How did Julius Caesar rise to power?


Bust of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is one of the most famous leaders of the ancient world. His life and death are very well-known and still captivate people. He is not only one of the greatest generals who ever lived, but he who destroyed the Roman Republic. His ascent shifted the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

How did Caesar to rise to Emperor in the Roman Republic? There were three key reasons for the rise of Caesar: his role in the First Triumvirate, his conquest of Gaul and his victories during the Civil Wars. These were the key stages in Caesar’s career that allowed him to become the Emperor of Rome.

Caesar was born to a patrician Roman family that had once been very influential in the Republic. However, by the time of Caesar’s birth, their fortunes had been in decline for many years. Despite the decline of their family’s reputation, his father did serve as a governor.[1] We know very little about Caesar’s childhood. Through his aunt, he was related to Gaius Marius, the great general. This encouraged the young Julius to become associated with the Marius’s popular (populares) party in Rome. These were aristocrats who had allied themselves with the poor.


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