What are the Lasting Legacies of the Roman Empire on Modern Governments?


Augustus Caesar

One obvious influence of the Roman Empire is the idea of a republic, a concept of governing by elected legislative and executive systems. The system in Rome also had a judicial system that, similar to today, was considered as the primary way to uphold citizens’ rights and have checks and balances in government.[1]

While many democracies today have based their systems on this Roman concept, the legacy of Rome has been in continuous use since the fall of the Roman Empire. It was not just the Roman Republic but also the Roman Empire, the concept of strong central government ruled by an emperor who brought order and power, that profoundly influenced Asian and European governments particularly in the centuries that followed the fall of Rome.

In the centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, it is commonly viewed that Europe entered a dark age, where few historical documents are known, and the Roman economic and political systems had collapsed. However, what is also obvious is that very soon after the collapse of the Roman Empire, local rulers and monarchs that arose began to emulate and adopt Roman governmental traditions and laws.[2]

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