Female Firsts: Pioneering Women Veterans through the Years


Veronica Bradley (discussed in the article) was the model for this Marine poster

From Folklife Today (Library of Congress) by Andrew Huber

The story of women in the military is a story of firsts. Women have only been allowed to serve in permanent positions in the military since 1948, and even then were limited in what roles they could perform.  Over the years, women have fought for and gained the right to serve as equals piece by piece, with every new door opened bringing a new opportunity to be the “first woman to…”

Air Force veteran Janet Kovatch summed up what many female veterans undoubtedly experienced on the front lines of the war for equality when she said in her VHP interview:
“Most of my stress, I think, was being a woman in a man’s world in a time when we were all trying to prove ourselves, feeling that internal pressure of having to do things bigger and better because we were blazing a trail.”

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