Why did the Russian Romanov Dynasty collapse in 1917?


The Russian Revolution of 1917 was perhaps the most important event in the twentieth century. It saw the world’s first Communist government and it led to a wave of communist inspired revolutions around the world and ultimately the Cold War. The Revolution is often shown to be inevitable because of the unequal nature of Russian society and its undemocratic political system. However, the Russian Revolution was not unavoidable and was a direct result of the impact of the First World War on Russia.

Russia was and is a vast and diverse country with a huge multi-ethnic population. The Russian Empire was an autocracy, where effectively the Tsar’s will was the law. Tsar Nicholas II ‘indulged in a fantasy of absolute power’ and he believed that he had been appointed by God to the throne.[1] The Tsarist government repressed any signs of organized dissent and as a result there were many political prisoners. Russia was changing in the early years of the twentieth century. It was rapidly industrializing and the country’s economy was growing fast.[2]

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