I would like to Apologize.


I recently redirected my old wordpress.com blog to my new history wiki – DailyHistory.org.

Unbeknownst to me, every change made on DailyHistory.org after that redirect was posted on your wordpress.com readers. I have a feeling that dozens and dozens of minor changes made on DailyHistory.org were sent the readers. Actually, I’m hoping it was only dozens of posts.

I had absolutely no idea this could possibly happen. I am truly and absolutely horrified.

I wrongly assumed that wordpress.com would simply redirect traffic to the site instead of logging every change made on my current site to your Reader. I’m actually stunned that the wordpress.com reader could do this.

Because DailyHistory.org is now a wiki there are there are a lot of changes made every single day. I didn’t discover this myself until I saw dozens of bizarre updates on my Reader from my site. Ugh.

Again, I apologize for this. I will inform WordPress.com that this is possible and suggest that they warn their users.


Clinton Sandvick

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  1. Reblogged this on DailyHistory and commented:

    Here’s an update for my apology. I recently communicated with WordPress.com about the storm of bizarre posts that my site made over the past few days. The good folks at WordPress.com think that when I redirected my old wordpress.com blog to my new DailyHistory.org wiki site, the WordPress.com Reader started fetching posts from my wiki’s RSS feed. The Reader then converted every post on the RSS feed as a new article. That was unexpected.

    So I would like to again apologize for cluttering up your Reader with a ridiculous number of updates.

    Clinton Sandvick

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