What was the Impact of the Tanzimat Reforms on the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century?


SultanAbdülmecid implemented the Tanzimat reforms 

The Tanzimat reforms were carried out between 1830 and 1870 in the Ottoman Empire. They were a wide ranging series of educational, political and economic reforms. They were an attempt at modernization to stop the decline of Ottoman power. The process of modernization involved adopting models and practices of western countries and societies and it primarily motivated to compete western powers and preserve their Empire. The modernization process in the Ottoman Empire was a way of ensuring that they did not become the subjects of the western powers.[1] During the nineteenth century much of the world became subject to the western powers, especially Britain and France. The Tanzimat reforms were only partially successful and did not halt the Ottoman decline. Read more at DailyHistory.org.

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