Hodges’ Scout: Interview with Len Travers

Hodges scout
Here is DailyHistory.org’s recent interview with Len Travers about his book Hodges’ Scout: A Lost Patrol of the French and Indian War published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Travers’ book examines a group of colonial scouts who were ambushed on a patrol in upstate New York by French and Native American soldiers during the French and Indian War. Travers uses this massacre to explore the lives of the colonists who fought, died and even survived this massacre. Read more at DailyHistory.org.


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  1. Excellent study and presentation of the Hodges Event. Author does make a few questionable comments though which may be forgiven. New England’s Colonial climate is not much different than today: Snow, Bitter Cold in Northern Country (Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine), Humid, Mild Summers. The climate in New England is more extreme than the tribal Ottawa homelands as the Arctic air travels Southeast and merges with the Gulf Stream. This natural event causes the World’s highest winds and prolonged -40F/-30F subzero temperatures. New England is known to weathermen as the switching track for all major storms in North America. The French And Indian War was a conflict that saw two engagements named the Battle on Snowshoes. The French were better trained and accustomed to using them, but the American Colonists were not unfamiliar with their use.


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